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>> Auto Accessories

Our electrical accessory product line includes:
Lights and Bulbs, Horns, Relays, Electronic Alarms, Battery Chargers, Fans, Fuses and Batteries, to name a few.

Need a service?
We stock a range of service spares and mechanics accessories including:
Hydraulic & Scissor Jacks
Wheel Wrenches
Feeler Gauges
Valve Tappet Gauges
Oil, Gas & Air Filters
CV Joints & CV Joint Boots
Brake Pads & Shoes

Your car will go on looking like new with proven  car care products like ArmorAll, Tuff Stuff and Son of a Gun, Rain Dance, Turtle Wax, Rally Wax, Finish 2001, Prestone and Black Jack.

Interior accessories include window tint, floor mats, steering wheel covers and more.

Keep everything running smoothly by using our top quality lubricants from:
Quaker State

For  more details please contact us.

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Our STP line
Engine Treatments
Gas Treatments
Diesel Treatments
Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Car Care Products
and more!


Seat Covers - Different styles and colors to choose from.


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